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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 20, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> the prestigious fifth avenue. >> beautiful. >> some of the most expensive real estate in the universe that we know of. >> right. and, you know, everybody's kind of enjoying this very mild start to november. october they said was the time. i believe the french consulate where people are still dropping off flowers and momentos -- >> a week ago, right, a week ago today. you and i were downtown at a wedding, and things actually phone. >> speaking of a wedding, while we were downtown at the courthouse waiting for leyla and her now-husband matt to get the
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license, we're in this back room, right? and who comes in, but nathan lane will. so greg is like, i don't know what he's doing. >> nathan lane is the big broadway guy. >> yes. he's fantastic. he's so funny. >> landed on my radar screen with the producers. so what about him? >> so he comes in, and he looks, you know, like somebody who's lane. >> and you point him out. >> i'm like hitting you, greg, look up, look up. and you're like, what, what? and i'm, nathan lane. so meanwhile, i'm trying to be discreet because i figured the guy wanted to be discreet. >> i admire this about myself. i went right up to him, hey, nathan lane, how are you? >> we can't leave without saying good bay to nathan lane. >> so we knew that he was getting married, and we kept it a secret. we were proud of ourself. >> he got married to that guy. >> so it's in the paper now on page six, he tied the knot with his partner at city hall earlier last week.
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>> that's beautiful. live long and prosper, pal. >> they've been together 18 oring. >> so let's go to outer space, can we? scott kelly, no relation, has been up there for almost a year. very cool guy. he takes pictures left and right of the earth. do me a favor, before we get into detail on this, show us a picture if we can by himself of scott kelly the astronaut. he's a new jersey native. he's been in the international space sticks station, i think, since march or april. we interviewed him from outer space. that was really, really fun. he did flips for us demonstrating zero gravity. >> right. >> all right, so -- >> so he's up there. and, meanwhile, greg, he likes twitter unlike some other people i know. he's been tweeting pictures from outer space. but one picture has gone viral. >> this is of india, the subcontinent i think they call it. do we have that picture? you can see it's kind of cool, the lights of india.
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now look to the upper right. >> yes. >> the upper right. i wish we could -- anyway -- >> there are two lights on this one object. you see it on the top right? >> yep. >> and the photo, as you mentioned, was taken by scott kelly. so lots of people have been wondering was this a ufo. i tweeted him earlier, i don't know what time it is in outer space right now, but i realized i was one of 5,000 people who tweeted him, and maybe he'll get back to me at some point, not right now. i was trying to get it from the horse's mouth, whether he thought it was a ufo. you think it's some kind of reflection. >> it's not a flying saucer, we're not being invaded. by the way, scott kelly, pretty cool. he's up there for a year. when he gets back in march, he'll have been up there for a year, and i met the guy once, rosanna, under the most curious circumstances. his twin brother was an restaurant, mark kelly, right? -- an astronaut.
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i think it was in san diego. i was flying my airplane, and i was about to leave, and in comes astronaut kelly, all right? in his t-38. nasa, they give every astronaut, basically, their own plane. and this guy is coming in in a cool plane, and i'm like, wow, and i said hello. >> pilot's a pilot, right? >> he was landing, i was leaving. so i fly to las vegas, all right? put that other picture up. and as i get out of my plane -- kind of cool, huh? >> meanwhile, it's not your pj, is it? your private jet? >>, >> no, no. >> uncle sam owned it. >> guess who i see? astronaut kelly getting ready to go flying. i'm like, i thought i was in the twilight zone. how can you be here? you were getting there, you're already here. >> what happened? >> i was, like, what the heck was going on in and they're like, dude, are you okay? he told me you finally saw my twin brother. after leaving me on the ropes -- >> ah, that's funny. >> -- two minutes.
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>> that's a great story. >> mark kelly and scott kelly, new jersey nativings, obama astronauts -- both astronauts, so cool. >> you've got a special on tonight. you hosted a fundraiser for the st. mary's children's hospital even though you were on a hoverboard. >> let's talk about the hospital for a moment, please. there it is in queens. you know what? it doesn't get as much attention as some of the other hospitals out there. they do fantastic work for children with rare diseases. >> yeah. it's one of -- i didn't realize one of the city's oldest children's hospital. and some of these kids have the most medically challenged problems, you know? >> so we had a little fund raiser. yeah, i rode my hoverboard -- >> you probably made the kids so happy. >> i tried. the kids made me happy, frankly. nick cannon was also there. the kids were just beautiful, great attitudes, and they make you happy. >> so who's parking lot of the special between -- part of the special, between you and nick cannon?
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>> nelly's going to be on and, quite frankly, i haven't seen it yet. friday night, 10:30, it's an option for you. >> okay. >> st. mary's hospital for children, thank you again, 10:30 tonight right after the news. >> in the meantime, we have a lot coming up. mary mccartney's going to show some photographs, tito puente jr.'s going to play for us, so it's only fitting that audrey puente does a little weather for us. >> tito puente, your dad -- >> yes. >> so your brother is also in the music business. >> yes, he is. and you're going to hear a sample of his sounds. let me tell you about the weather, that's my department here. temperatures in the 50s this morning. i think we'll stay that way through the day. normally we should be about 53, we're going for 58 later this afternoon. not quite near our record of 77. right now still mild along the coastal sections, cooler air is starting to work into the northern and western sections like in sussex and monticello where the temperature right now
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is at 43 degrees. we have a northwest wind flow coming in, that is helping to dry things out and also bringing in the cooler temperatures. breezy today. it'll feel chilly in the shade when you walk on the sidewalks. wear your sunglasses, no need for the umbrella, we have region. high pressure is going to be our dominant weather feature over the next couple of days as it works eastward towards the eastern seaboard, a cold front will sweep out. you'll feel the chill overnight, and tomorrow we're going to struggle for a high temperature of 50 degrees. a look at our future cast shows your friday. they'll stay with us through the evening which'll help temperatures drop into the 30s north and west, and tomorrow we'll start off with thin clouds, but we'll see mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. cooler tomorrow with our temperatures struggling to reach 50. and as we go into saturday night and early sunday, there is the chance of an isolated shower. the greatest chance will be up into the hudson valley, and on
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with a cloud deck, but that should clear out towards the afternoon. temperatures drop for monday, but we stay nice and dry as we head wards our thanksgiving holiday -- towards our thanksgiving holiday. tomorrow we'll struggle to 50 in the city, we'll probably stay in the 40s north and west. watch out for a shower overnight into sunday morning, it'll be dry though by the afternoon, and we start off the week pretty cold with a high temperature of only 45 in new york city. sunny skies for tuesday, travel day on wednesday looks pretty dry. greg and rosanna, over to you. >> audrey, thank you very much. paul mccartney and linda mccartney, the two of them, rosanna, made for each other -- >> and they made music together. >> they did, wings, that was fantastic. i think we have video. here they are crisscrossing america on a private jet. they just looked like they totally got each other, and we know they were very, very, very much in love. linda, by the way, a very
9:09 am
believe she came from -- >> the eastman family. >> kodak, right? >> no. mary's saying no. mary would know. [laughter] >> we'll get that all straightened out in a moment. but, linda and paul had several children including our next guest. >> mary mccartney. she is a very talented photographer. passion, just like her mom. nice to have you on good day new york. and we're excited because you have a new exhibit here in manhattan. >> yes. very exciting. this weekend. >> and tell us the subject matter. >> it's called mother/daughter, and it's sort of digging into my photographic around kentucky and my mothers and hanging our pictures together showing off similar drive and style and passion for photography. >> is there a certain subject matter that is woven through? >> no, it's really our whole archive, but it's quite intimate because it's quite a lot of family photographs and a lot of
9:10 am
have taken on my assignments and she's taken on hers. >> now, let's talk about some of these photos. if we put some of them up, you can give us a little bit of the back story. >>ing that's one that's kind of a more intimate picture that me and i took of my sister -- >> is that stella? the fashion designer. >> this one i love. mom took when my brother was born, i think that was quite funny. [laughter] bot. and this is a picture she took of jimi hendrix who used to invite her into the studio and ask her to take pictures because her style was relaxed and informal, and i think that's what i try to do as well, is try to relax people. >> and what's this? mask. that hangs along the snow white picture that i took, so it kind of is fun because he's got the am, and then my picture hangs alongside it, and it kind of
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adds narrative. that's a really fun one that mom took of dad this morocco. >> so let me ask you, do you do this for fun, or can you make some money out of snit. >> yeah, it's my career. my career is photography, and be i also take photographs for personal projects. >> so you do. >> i take commissions, and then i do personal projects. and this exhibition is more the personal photographs. >> are these for sale? >> yes. limited edition though. >> mary will sign a book for you tomorrow night. you're available, right? >> yeah. at the gallery. it's at 3:00 at the bookstore. >> tomorrow afternoon. >> on madison avenue. >> and this bookstore has photos that you done in the past. is there a theme? >> it's a coffee table book and half of the book is in color and half is black and white work.
9:12 am
with go -- with two of the most widely known people in the world? >> it was weirdly normal. it's just your family expwh. how old were you when you figured out, hey, my parents are great, but they're not like other parents? >> i think i always knew they were different. my mom would come to school with different colored socks on. [laughter] act normal, but when you leave home, you suddenly appreciate your parents. that's what i'm relying on with my kids. >> i feel like your mom tried to make it as normal a childhood as possible, when you look at the >> yes. i think they both did. we were very close, and it's very normal, and literally when i see my dad play on stage, then i'm like, oh, my god, my dad's paul mccartney. do you want a cup of tea and hang out and chat? they're two different -- when he performs, i'm like, wow, but usually it's just very normal.
9:13 am
>> i have to say, i've been with their family at a basketball >> yeah. >> and i love the fact that they will all go sit on their dad's lap. >> yeah. >> right? >> yeah. >> i mean, it's just so sweet. >> i think we're all quite close, and i think that kind of comes through in the exhibition. it's the thing of because we all kind of live in a bit of a bubble of people watching you, i think that would bring us closer together, so there's that intimacy which is something that i'm very obsessed with my photography, kind of getting into people's homes and gaining their trust and taking pictures of them. >> beautiful. >> is it emotionalling to put together this exhibit with your mom's photos? >> yeah, it has. it was quite difficult at first, but now that i've been here this week hanging it, now that they're all together and they all hang alongside, i'm really excited now. >> linda mccartney, mary mccartney, mother/daughter opens today on madison avenue. >> and tomorrow book signing, you can meet mary at 3:00 at the guy goes january.
9:14 am
i think it's 76th spreed, madison avenue. it's beautiful. the show once. >> and you dad did a live remote with us -- >> really? >> -- via london, and it was almost borderline -- do you remember we were having a hard time -- >> borderline what? >> we were having a hard time -- >> technology. uh-oh. >> hate that. anyway -- >> we'll have to get him in. i'll have a chat with him. >> and say hello to nancy for me >> i will. her birthday's today. happy birthday, nancy. >> that's right. i'm sure she loves that you said it on tv. [laughter] >> happy birthday, nancy. >> what is under that curtain over there? >> and what am i wearing too, greg? >> that's a very expensive painting. also tito puente jr. we'll be right back. fact pharmacists recommend most
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[hold music playing] we at time warner cable, need to apologize to you. periods of free on hold elevator music when you call us. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including reducing how long you could wait on hold. now, we'll even call you back at a time that's convenient for you. but for those of you who miss our old on hold music, please check out r our greatest hits at >> rosanna, before the javits center, there was the park there. >> they do some great exhibits there, by the way. >> oh, man, the place is huge. you could park a blimp inside. anyway, right now for the next couple of days they've got something going called -- >> the new york art and antique jewelry show. >> we'll have some of the jewelry and some of the art.
9:18 am
around for the art. but first let's meet the ceo of the palm beach show group, this is scott diamond. welcome to good day new york. >> by the way, scott, i'm sitting next to greg. you lent me this beautiful choker, and he doesn't mention anything about the $2.8 million of jewelry i have on my neck. >> i was oblivious to it. but now that i look at it -- >> don't touch. [laughter] >> what's up with that? >> that's from marina b located on 57th street, and they're doing their fair with us at the park avenue armory. that's $2.8 million, and it's emeralds and diamonds. >> 2.8 million. >> it really is beautiful. is there anything more affordable? >> yes. there are many different price points that will be at the show. this right here is from ms route antiques from new orleans. >> this thing right here? >> yes. they brought this to the show to sell it. >> you want to try it on,
9:19 am
rosanna? >> is it difficult to try it on? >> this is $125,000. >> much more affordable. >> oh, i'll take two. [laughter] wow. >> and, well, what do you think, rosanna? >> they're very special pieces. so what's the history behind this mar one? >> well, that is an e antique piece. it was made in the 1970s. >> antique from the 1970s? >> well, in jewelry -- >> 40 years old, that's an antique. okay. >> scott, i want to give you this before i drop it. >> you've got nice ear runs. -- earrings. >> these ear rings i have to tell you about. this is suzanne seeds from geneva, switzerland. this is 24care rats of diamonds, and these are handmade. >> how much? >> and they're absolutely unbelievable. >> these are 600,000. >> oh, man. 300,000 apiece, huh? [laughter]
9:20 am
>> that has over 70 carats of diamonds, and that is just about $700,000, and that's by jewels by viggy who brought it to park avenue armory to sell it. >> what's the appeal of the big show at the armory? >> -- 2 billion worth of value of art -- >> you got security? >> we do. we have very good security. >> so, scott, basically you cure rate the best in the world and have it all under one roof? >> correct. i travel the planet to find the best dealers, purveyors of these items, and they wring -- they bring the best things to new york. >> how much is that ring at the end, please? >> $6.5 million. what takes -- makes that special is that's cashmere. >> what do you mean it's cashmere? >> kashmir region. >> greg thought it was the fabric. >> like a cloth. >> that's india.
9:21 am
>> and that is very, very rare because there is no treatment at all on that stone. >> that is gorgeous. >> rosanna, give me your punk pinky. >> that's $6.5 million. >> do you see what i have -- >> that's deflawless. >> so how much is that one? >> that is the top-graded diamond. >> how much is this little diamond one? >> that one is just about a million dollars. >> it's a nice shine. >> so what happens if you buy a million dollar ring? do you just, like, put it in a bag and they walk out? >> that is usually how it happens. >> seriously? >> well, they usually wire the funds. >> can we talk about this beautiful bracelet? >> yes, that's from monaco, and this will be at the fair. but what makes this so special is this is from the '80s. it's cartier -- >> yes. >> and if you notice how this opens, this is the two-headed panther. you never see the two-headed panther. >> never. you never, ever see it, and
9:22 am
>> this is $1,250,000, but wait, there's more. the head moves. >> what, a secret combaterment? >> it's a must. >> it's not cheesy, right? >> it's unbelievable. >> all right. hey, listen, you brought some serious artwork. vincent van gogh, you remember that guy? >> i think we have a picture. there he is. this is a picture he did of himself. for the first time, well, in a long time, this work by vincent van gogh going to be unveiled on good day new york. show us what you've got there, pal. >> wow. okay, tell us about this painting. >> so this painting was done by say -- [inaudible] that's in dutch. and 1885, this was painted. >> and? >> and it's the cottage under the trees. >> so what do you expect this thing to go for in. million. and it's been in private hands for decades. >> so let me ask you about the
9:23 am
do you have to buy a ticket to get inside? be do they check your passport and your bank account? do you have to bring your chase card? how does this work? >> well, you can buy a ticket. tickets are $20 apiece, and there are items at the park avenue armory that are in the hundreds or thousands of dollars as well as the millions of dollars. so there really -- >> how about like the tens of dollars? [laughter] >> regular snooks like us can go, is what you're saying. >> definitely. >> vincent van gogh, who had this thing for all these years? >> this was in private hands, but it was once owned by the lackma museum, the los angeles county museum of art. >> whoa. i feel so cultured after this. >> well, keep at it. >> it's not every place you can go and buy a van gogh painting. list -- >> well, it would be on our list, but it's a fantasy list. >> you're all right, pal. thank you very much. >> scott, thank you. i ground zero i need to give everything back. >> do you want to see the last two items?
9:24 am
>> this item is also from new orleans, and that is by david morris. so this is a fantastic jeweler out of london, and this piece is $885,000. and then there's a piece that was owned by elizabeth taylor -- >> oh! >> >> that piece was owned by elizabeth taylor. >> this is what i want. >> i think she wore that in the cleopatra movie, i'm not kidding. >> and those are marina, but, 57th street, but also at the park eve armory. >> is this a commission-based business or how does it work? fair question, come on. >> meaning, would the salesperson get a commission if they sold it? >> yeah. 10%? 5%? >> getting awkward. >> oh, come on. >> compensate the sales -- >> it's 10% in real estate. >> no, it's not really a commission business, it's not. >> oh. >> you see, all these items are bought by experts. they're all estate item, so they're bought by the i exhibiter, the dealer, as an expert in these items.
9:25 am
and then usually at the park avenue armory, you'll meet that expert, and that expert can sell it to you. so you're really buying it from the purveyor who put their money into it. >> you're a master gemologist, huh? >> i am. well, a graduate gemologist, yes. >> from the gia. >> scott, it's so nice to meet you. where can we find you when you're not at the armory? >> i'm in palm beach, florida. so you have an invitation to come visit me. >> fantastic. >> disney world first. >> scott, thank you so much. >> cartier. you'll have to show me -- >> this is what makes this so special. >> so cool. all right. coming up, tito puente jr.'s getting warmed up. we're going to get a performance this morning. >> also michelle formerly of the
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rosanna: i love this song by the way. ghetto superstar. i love them anyway. greg: late 90s that's mecial in there. great guy. very popular. by the way, very politically act i active he hangs hangs with president obama there is that the oval office?
9:29 am
yeah, it is, u now show michelle, a filmmaker done a new documentary. did you know, by the way, that sweet micky is running things in haiti. >> i can't believe it. comes in and says i don't leak what's gong on with the politics in haiti i'm gong to support this guy. mickey, right? greg: so the documentary is called sweet micky for president let's go to the footage wild story of politics in haiti, and who wins, who becomes next president? >> let's get a taste of it. >> my parents decided not to come to america.
9:30 am
[inaudible] [inaudible] you know what, you need to run for president of haiti. >> favorite musician. but most outrageous, outspoken. >> isn't that wild. that guy becomes president. >> believe it or not he's been in power for a few years now. he's with us right now. it was a little statisticky of a situation, though, when you are backed mickey, right? nice to have you here by the way. >> thanks for having me. rosanna: sticky baud you found out micky was eccentric. why would you support him. did you know anything about him before you? >> i didn't know about the diapers -- [laughter] but i knew he was a musician in haiti, people loved hem, he was popular, politically motivating throughout the years in his
9:31 am
>> interesting, at the same time somebody, your band mate was thinking about running for president of haiti. >> yeah. >> was that sticky between the two of you. >> it was. politics, but i think once the campaign was over, came back and made up. >> for those of us who don't follow haitian politicians. what kind of president has he turned out to be? >> he's been okay. >> okay. >> he's not churchill. >> people are disappointed in him. his term is almost up. not gong to run for reelection. >> he can't. one term. >> term limited. >> what was it look putting it together? because this is a fun documentary. it's got a great sense of humor to it. >> i think what was great is to see the resilience of the people and most important thing about this documentary was their voices were being heard and that's really what it's all about.
9:32 am
they come together and they wanted this guy, and that's what they wanted and thght they thought was hour. >> sweet micky for president. let's hear it. hit it. >> running for president. who? as i'm trying to figure it out. [inaudible] running for president. so he spent time in merck. >> that was the problem he department have resident city in haiti to run. so i'm still curious about why you supported micky because, i mean, just from the trailer, mickey is a little bit of a clown. you know what was going on in haiti was so serious in in so much corruption that needs to
9:33 am
be -- , you know, kind of rooted out. >> you're rights. from the part it looks like a clown but when it was happening, i wanted to help, and the plit climate down there was so harsh, and people didn't want to see the status quo so at least in my mind at least as artist they are becoming leaders, try this. let's go and people wanted it. kind of like going right here in the states . >> why don't you think he was effective as president. what was his problem? because he was an outsider? >> no, i think probably buzz one he was a nato fight, he had them around him and because he thought he was so popular he can just pass any bill. >> legislation. yeah. but it is not like that, obviously, with politics you have to have bipartisanship. you have to to bee able to xrieses
9:34 am
and not just about being popular. more than that. >> you can see this movie today in theaters sweet micky for president where? >> sin that village downtown. >> footage week, and wide in january. >> a lot of buzz by the way. >> political process behind the scene is what's interesting, really interesting. you know. >> i have to ask fujis reyiengting at spoant? maybe just for a song? >> i don't know. one and done. >> you don't know but not ruling it out. >> okay. initial to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you all of the best. coming up on "good day new york." tito puente his son is in the music business on "good day new york."
9:35 am
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9:37 am
alive and tito memory alive. i want to show you a picture on his right is audrey puente our [laughter] and only the left there is tito puente junior, a gifted knew session in his own right. tito junior welcome to good day been here before. >> hi ad. afar. [laughter] meteorologist this is your little brother. >> yeah, little brother. meanwhile performing in our area? >> here with jason with our all star band doing this fantastic concert? new jersey this weekend so everybody come on out. >> where? >> regency and we're looking forward. trying to do something with latin and jazz side to funk, jazz, and doing a little bit of puente a little bit of lionel hampton. >> doses your sister, you know,
9:38 am
every time i'm out with her she brings a tambourine. [laughter] how do you feel about your sister doing percussion? >> you can play. on this one. [laughter] >> ert. >> i like to do my thing and you do your thing. >> welcome to bernie, and we've got jason, alan, david you're the best. >> we're all going to get down. love you, ad . here we go. get funky, yeah, here we go. two, three --
9:39 am
rosanna: that was epic. so awesome.
9:40 am
you showoff. [laughter] >> a little funk. >> what is going on? >> you're amazing i thought you were going to break that capitol phone. [laughter] >> hit him. okay o. [laughter] oh. now tito you have to show greg a little something. >> rosanna, it is your turn. play some trumpet. got rhythm. oh, yeah, no. [laughter] >> hold on a seconds tito your are big sister there audrey,
9:41 am
the legendary tito puente in the household. how did you recognize you have a legend on your hands? >> i was like it was loud at our house. >> it was loud. >> the concert right, so we always say that. the group manudle remember us from puerto rico it was radio city music hall when we went there, we thought we were there because of my dad's manager getting us in. no it was because of hmm. when we were sitting in the audience everybody mobbed us because of my dad an body guards so wait a minute. everybody, we can't -- >> what's with the guy with the white what are? so crazy about him? >> dad is pretty famous. >> one up one more time. jersey, tomorrow night in new jersey, tickets available for the 7:30 and the 10:00 show. audrey tell us something about your brother that we don't know, and then you have to tell us something about audrey that we
9:42 am
audrey you're first. >> he's addicted to sunny d. >> the orange drink. >> what do we not know about audrey? >> a whole bunch of things. >> get back to that. keep it clean. addicted to selfies. >> we knew that. [laughter] >> okay, alan, jason. okay. we've got what's his name back there. dave. you guys are awesome. tito puente junior. >> so far fun. hey, when we come back jerry clooney is here. a big fight gong on. cops versus firefighters.
9:43 am
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>> jerry clooney everybody. who remembers? my goodness gracious, held his own against some of the greatest fighters in the universe. >> absolutely. one of the greats, and he's in town. he's a goodwill ambassador for the battle of the beamings taking place this weekend between the fire department an new york new york city police department
9:45 am
a good natured rivalry that goes back well since they had a fire department and police department. so fights are this weekend. tonight. at madison square garden. >> theater. >> jerry legendary boxer "good day new york." >> nice neat you again. good -- kick his ass. >> really? >> you feel it? >> ready to go tonight. but i'm -- >> i have to tell you jerry cam in all fired up he was watching tito play. he stands, ready to get in there. [laughter] >> greatness. i'm glad to be here to support these guys. that support us. >> we have a cop and a firefighter, they'll be pooghting tonight at madison jar garden. rosanna. >> we have shotgun gar david leonard with the fdny and fighter mike sinatra any relation to frank. >> not distantly?
9:46 am
>> starts tonight at the theater greatest arena in the world. >> rm growing up fights don't only ham in the ring. they -- they have a big rivalry going on. for the police department, 15, for the fire department, and one even. so they're all nice until the bell rings. once that ring it is they get out the window. >> i feel you rile them up a bit. does he rile them up? >> he's electrifying. >> what it pays to be in the garden and support your team, the fire department, police department, an they're gong to fight. fight hard. >> fabulous how long have you been boxing? >> l been boxing sense about twx after i got in the marine corps. and joined police. >> i heard you were a holly cross graduate from queens my
9:47 am
husband al madder. >> train every day box some type of conditioning for this fight usually in the boxing reasoning five days a week and condition every day. j how about you sugar? >> we train on our own time between work and balancing the schedule and stuff. you know the guys try to train every day. >> tell us where you work today? >> engine 24 in manhattan. >> and i work in air queens narcotic unit. >> sugar how did you get your family? >> it was given to me. [laughter] >> okay. sugar ray robinson. we know you guys are not fighting against one another. what do we do with them? i have won the love. >> you want to star? >> us -- motto is any time, anywhere for a good cause. >> how about for our amusement. how about how are you man, what's gng going on?
9:48 am
>> life is great on the radio couple of days a week, life is great. great family. i love the game. still love the pooght. love to be involved with these guys. i'm with kids. >> where do you teach? >> in the brawl house in mountain side new jersey, i go to patterson for ur fan young kids struggling a little bit. we help them out teach them boxing and life is great. great family. >> so jerry show us how you would get these guys. let's stand up. jerry first of all is big guy. he's 6'6". >> yeah, you're being. pretty good reach. >> i stand right next to you. >> so these guys they're not gons to be fighting. >> they're -- they have to be good fight terse they've been fighting for a wool. so, obviously, what it is is you have to keep your hands up. right -- >> on the other side incase. arts right now.
9:49 am
>> i feel one glove. >> oscar de la hoya on the right, and for me want you to cope your right shoulder down so you're looking at the purr. you have your power. greg: ding, ding, fight. you can't. >> no. >> so before you go, anything before you go outing there. >> like -- maybe something leak -- oatmeal something light. how are things on the job? >> obviously four police officers have been killed this year which is ridiculous. but cops are still out there every day working hard. >> absolutely. dges thank you for what you do. >> how are things on the firefighter side?
9:50 am
busy we try to do the job the best we can in the city. >> you guys guys are the bravest. >> detective master today for tonight's show. >> jerry always a u fun to have you here. thank you so much. thank you, good luck tonight.
9:51 am
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